10 Matt Damon Movies That Prove His Epic Versatility As An Actor

Matt Damon is a prime example of the type of dude that men want to be and women want to be with.

I'd venture to say a lot of that desire comes from his kickass acting skills. It's no wonder why he was named one of Forbes most bankable stars, being one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.

Take a look at his 10 best movie roles, I think you guys will agree he's one helluva entertainer—

On a surface level, Damon is always a likable character that the audience is rooting for. Generally, as his films develop, so do his characters. He has a remarkable ability to play seemingly simple roles, that end up being incredibly dynamic and complex. For example, when he plays Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting, the viewer is under the impression that he's just some brick-breaking, ball-busting kid from Southie, but in actuality he's a beautifully gifted mind and tormented soul. Or take, The Martian, a film that somehow manages to be funny despite the crazy-intense circumstance of being stranded ON MARS. Damon does a fantastic job of playing up the humor, while subtly conveying the fear of oblivion.

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