The 10 Coolest Gadgets In The World Right Now

Summer might be starting to get into gear but there's always time to fill your place with gadgets. So, the man behind  The Coolector is here with this month's top tech...

01  Han Solo in Carbonite Fridge

If you're on the look out for the most awesome fridge imaginable to keep your beers chilled this summer, call off the hunt. It doesn't get better than this Han Solo in Carbonite refrigerator.

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02  RIPSAW EV2 Luxury Tank

We all want a tank, right? That's a given. But we don't want a boring, old, muddy one. This RIPSAW EV2 Luxury Tank is a much better fit, with its built-in entertainment system and plush leather seats.

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03  Holus Tabletop Holographic Display

While it's not quite the life-like holograph that follows you around and brings you beer that we were hoping for, the Holus Tabletop Holographic Display is a step in that direction.

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04 CoffeeBoxx

Got a bit of a caffeine addiction, but afraid your regular coffee machine won't be able to handle the hardened outdoors like you can? You want to be getting your hands on a CoffeeBoxx - the world's toughest coffee maker. By the looks of it, it'll, er, withstand a lot of mud...

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Don't trust your iPhone apps to accurately predict the weather? This little see-through gadget shows you exactly how the weather will look, in box form.

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06 Apple Macintosh Phone Concept

While this might just be a concept, the Apple Macintosh Phone is an reimagining of what the iPhone might look like if it were released 20 years ago. And we'd definitely love one (providing the battery is better than the one we've got now).

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07  EcoCapsule

Life off the grid in style with an EcoCapsule, a device that will reward you handsomely with warmth and luxury if you can be bothered to lug it up to the top of a mountain.

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08  Native Union Marble Phone Case

Its founders might be based in Britain and France, but global shippers Native Union have major plans to upgrade your next iPhone 6 case with this one, crafted from actual marble.

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09  Ola Fingerprint Smart Lock

Never worry about losing your keys again. Do worry about losing your fingerprints, if that's even possible.

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10  Stacked Lamp

A DIY, Jenga-style lamp for those looking for a project or with a bit too much time on their hands. Either way, it'll look ace in your living room.

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_ Words: Leo Davie _