The 10 Most-Searched Workouts Of The Year Are Things We've All Tried At Least Once In The Gym

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Staying fit's important, especially around this time of year when we're all stuffing our faces with cookies and way too much food. And because guys and gals will do almost anything to shed some pounds and try to keep their stomachs flat, we go to great lengths to find the trendiest workout that will accomplish that in as little time as possible.

For that reason, Google recently released the 10 most-searched workouts from 2016, leaving us with some obvious ones to get in shape—but, more importantly, a few that make me wonder what people think will happen after trying these out.

1. Cize Workout


I've honestly never even heard of this. Am I out of the loop, or is it just something that looks ridiculous and that's why so many people are searching for it?

2. Rotator Cuff Exercises


I've got, not one, but two busted rotator cuffs from a moped injury I sustained 15 years ago—and, yes, I really wish I were lying about that. For that reason, maybe I should join the fray of people looking these up, because they could probably be helpful.

3. Eight-Minute Back Workout


Who has time to, you know, actually head to the gym ad put in back work? Not many people, apparently, as millions of people hope to get back muscles in a mere 480 seconds. Good luck.

4. Steve Reeves Workout


A former bodybuilder and actor, Steve Reeves was the manliest man in the gym, believing that the simple philosophy of lifting heavy weights and consistently doing so will make a person stronger. Yes, that's very true.

5. Triceps Workout


So many people may want big biceps to show off, but 2016 proved that more people care about the tricep muscle more than the bulge on their upper arm while flexing.

6. Leg Exercises


Running will keep your legs toned and strong, but actually lifting weights that make them feel like jelly afterwards will make them get flat-out jacked. For that reason, so many people make sure they don't ever skip leg day.

7. Shoulder Exercises


Forget just focusing on the rotator cuff, because people have been concerned with keeping their shoulders loose and strong by searching for proper ways to do so. It's important to build those things up to help prevent injury.

8. Ab Workout


Is anyone shocked by this? Probably not. We all want rock hard abs, but they're not exactly the easiest things to get—especially if not committed. Whether you're a crunch person or have some other alternative method, strong abs are always desired.

9. Ectomorph Workout


Think of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), because that's exactly what people searching for ectomorph workouts are encouraged to do. Short, intense workouts will help transform their bodies from the fragile, delicate, thin frames into a more toned exterior.

10. Forearm Workout


Sorry, fellas, but spending an extra 10 minutes in the shower to, ahem, "workout" doesn't constitute as a proper forearm workout. It appears most guys know that, because building forearm strength falls into the top-10 desired workout tips this year.


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