The 13 Sexiest Girls with Tattoos on Instagram

@kaylacadorna on Instagram

There's just something inherently badass about a girl with tattoos, and we can't get enough of them. Many show a sense of creativity and artistry, and see their own bodies as a canvas for some incredible ink-on-skin masterpieces.

We compiled a list of the most attractive women with some of the best ink we've ever seen -- finding the best pieces of art on the best pieces of art, if you will.

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13. @itslaurendotcom

12. @angelica_anders

11. @miss_tina_louise

10. @big_nessiii

9. @gypsyone

8. @elliscooperofficial

7. @mandamaek

6. @angela_mazzanti

5. @jaqueferreiraoficial

4. @cami_li

3. @itsmelevytran

2. @saraontheinternet

1. @kaylacadorna