Father Knows Best: The 17 Best TV Dads Of All Time

While I would absolutely never discount the role of a mother in a child's life, I've gotta say, Dads get overlooked quite a bit. I mean, Father's Day celebrations always seem pretty dismal in comparison to Mother's Day, no? I'm actually going to stop this train of thought now because frankly speaking, women physically give you life so, sorry, no comparison. Still, Dads are a pretty great second!

That sentiment is especially true of how fathers are portrayed on television. It was pretty commonplace for a long time (and still to an extent today) for all TV moms to fit a similar mold—think June Cleaver. The same can't be said of fathers, at least in my opinion (which technically is the only one that matters for the purposes of this article). There is such a wide variety of the types of fathers illustrated in the media. They may not all be good dads in the conventional sense, but they love and provide in their own way.

While only 10 were featured in the video above, all 10 can be located in the gallery below! Take a look:

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