The 6 Sexiest Irish Girls On The Emerald Isle

In case you didn't notice from all the novelty Guinness hats and drunk people (Irish and not) bobbing about on your high street, today is St Patrick's Day. As we're still at work and not allowed a pint yet, let's celebrate this glorious day with some sexy, sexy girls...

Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde is kind of a big deal in Ireland. A model, singer and actress, the multi-talented hottie can't walk through her home town without being stopped or papped in the papers.

What's more, she's on the cover of this month's mag, which we think is something to have a little dance about:


Aoife Walsh

Unless you're Irish or heavily into the whole beauty pagent thing, you probably haven't heard of Aoife Walsh before. This flame-haired stunner bagged the title of Miss Ireland back in 2013.

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Not only that, but the 25-year-old Tipperary native also has three degrees: a BA and Masters in Business Management and a Postgraduate degree in Education. Chances are, she probably rescues puppies on weekends, cooks a perfect steak and can bend herself into a pretzel too.    

Rosalind Lipsett

You might recognise Rosalind from that one beautiful December when she popped up in this sexy Christmas video and made us all feel incredibly festive. If you don't recognise the eye-popping Irish model, that means we've just introduced something new, exciting and incredibly sexy to your life. You're welcome.


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Una Foden

In 2012, The Saturdays singer Una Healy became Una Foden and men everywhere rushed out into the streets, pulling at their hair and beating their chests in a primal display of mass mourning.

OK, so maybe that didn't happen. But we were pretty gutted. Doesn't quite stop us from fancying the pants off her, though. Just means that it now comes with the added risk of a beating from a rugby player. Anywhere but the face!

Laura Whitmore

MTV presenter Laura has been a major favourite with FHM readers ever since she graced the cover of our September 2011 issue. Since then, she's popped up on I'm A Celebrity..., The BRIT Awards and Celebrity Juice. If the position ever becomes available, we'd like her to narrate our day-to-day lives too.


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Georgia Salpa

Placing 25th in last year's 100 Sexiest, Georgia Salpa is officially the sexiest Irish girl in the whole world. No big deal. But where will she come this year?