The 7 Coolest Gadgets In The World Right Now

1.  Cobalt Valkyrie Personal Aircraft

If you've got an abundance of cash burning a hole in your pocket this Christmas, why not splash it on the Cobalt Valkyrie Personal Aircraft? Will only set you back £500,000 or so.

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2.  Amazon Prime Air

Not quite in the same league as the one above, but the Amazon Prime Air will get your boxsets delivered to you in half an hour... if they can get it off the ground.

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3.  Acpad

Fancy yourself as a guitar hero? Then you, sir, need the Acpad.

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4.  Zarooq Sand Racer

We might not have much sand to race on, but if we did, our chosen contraption would definitely be this epic-looking Zarooq Sand Racer.

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5.  Sound of Power Speakers

These Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un speakers really speak for themselves.

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6.  Blackpack

A good-looking backpack with a hard shell.

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7.  Ulo Surveillance Camera

Keep an eye on your stuff while you're out and about.

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