The Coolest Gadgets In The World Will Get Your Holiday Wish List Started

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It's almost the holidays, so, instead of waiting around till the last minute to put your wish list together, we scoured the Internet to find some of the cool, new tech that we think you must know about. Look, we don't care if you've been naughty or nice this year — that's not for us to concern ourselves with — but, if you only get one thing for the holidays, we suggest making it something from our list below.

1. The Charcooler

The Charcooler is an awesome craft beer cooler. You know it's awesome, because it was the winner of the Norrlands Guld's Cold Tech Challenge.

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1. StormTrooper Mood Light

Everyone loves themselves some Star Wars gear. So, if you're anything like us, you'll want to surround yourself with all things Star Wars for as long as you're a living, breathing human being.

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3. Beeline Cycle Navigation

Ride your bike around town a lot? Get lost a lot? That's where navigational tools like the Beeline come into play to make your bike-riding experience a hell of a lot easier.

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4. Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones

For all you sporty types out there, you know how difficult it is to find headphones that don't let you down — or slip out of your ears every time you try doing some high knees. Meet the answer to your prayers with these puppies!

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5. Triad Syndicate Drift Trike

Yes, a tricycle. Make fun of us if you want to, but this thing is 100 percent badass — so we'll be the ones laughing as we zip past you on the streets.

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6. Hudway Glass

Having a HUD (heads up display) in your car can be a bit of an obsession, despite the fact it can break your bank balance. Luckily, this Hudway Glass car harnesses the power of your smartphone and is less pricey than some of the other options out there. You'll be so James Bond with it, too!

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7. ME Electric Scooter

Not sure about a Vespa, but still fancy a scooter to get around on? The ME Electric Scooter could be just the thing for you.

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8. Lumen Eternal Flashlight

The Lumen Eternal Flashlight is powered by finger warmth, not batteries, which makes it a perfect accessory for camping trips. We'd just advise taking those trips during warmer weather and not when it's freezing cold out.

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