The 8 Items Of Clothing Every Man Should Own

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Not too long ago, we here at FHM gave you the items of clothing that no man in his right mind should still have hanging around in his closet. Well, now we're giving you the things that smart, intelligent and (somewhat) sophisticated men should own.

Since their are some essential things us guys need, here are the top-8 to keep handy for any occasion.

8. Tailored Sport Coat

You know what's expensive? An entire tailored suit. And because no on wears suits other than fancy weddings, funerals and while going to their overly-stressful job on Wall Street, who the hell really needs one anyway, right? Instead, just get yourself a sport coat that looks sharp and can be used for things like dinner dates with your significant other and that important meeting you have with your boss when asking for a pay raise.

7. Khaki Hat

You know the hat I'm talking about here, guys. It's the one that your girlfriend yells at you about every single time you put it on your head because its got all the sweat stains wrapped around it. That means it has character and memories, so hold onto that thing to toss on top of your head for days you're mowing the lawn, running errands or just headed to a bar to catch a game with buddies.

6. Winter Vest

During the fall season, there's nothing quite like a vest, which provides the warmth needed when chilly, as well as the style you want without looking like a college kid wearing a North Face jacket. Versatile enough to wear to a tailgate and spill beer on or to a casual work function, why wouldn't you snag one of these?

5. Jeans

I'm not talking about baggy-ass, saggy jeans that don't fit, either, guys. The jeans every guy should have are the ones that actually fit, showing off the fact that you didn't miss leg day in the gym without being hipster skinny. Doesn't matter if they cost $5 or $500, when you find a pair that fit right and reliable, wear them until they're shredded.

4. Chuck Taylors

There's a reason why Chuck Taylors continue to be so damn popular, so, if you haven't already, why haven't you joined the movement and gotten a pair? Actually, forget the reason, because all that matters is that you change that and buy yourself some. They're cheap, go with both shorts and jeans and, shit, people even wear them with suits at weddings.

3. Chambray Shirt

I've got one one now over a t-shirt, so you know I'm a big fan of this versatile look. In fact, the same Chambray shirt I've got on now is the one that I often wear with a shirt and tie, so it's sort of a do-anything kind of shirt. Whether building a deck in the backyard or tossing over a tee for some extra warmth after sunset, this should be your "workman's" shirt.

2. Chinos

You might be "more of a denim guy," but forget that, because there's a reason why women love men who wear chinos. Like jeans, they don't need to be tight or even expensive, but they need to fit, accentuating the parts of your leg that are most important to a woman.

1. Favorite Tee

I'm not going to sit here and say it needs to be white, it needs to be solid or it needs to be crew neck—that's for you to figure out on your own. What I am here to suggest is that it fits you properly and has some character to it, surviving long years of wear-and-tear, bad laundry jobs, a couple holes and faded color. It looks and feels good no matter when you have it on, and your lady wants to steal it from you. Yeah, you know what kind of shirt I'm talking about.