The 8 Things A Man Should Always Have With Him

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As men, we loathe stuffing our pockets with a bunch of crap and walking around with it. Hell, that's why we don't carry purses, right? But, just because we keep things as minimal as possible, doesn't mean that there aren't a few necessities that should always be close—you know, just in case of emergencies.

Whether physically in our pockets or kept in a car, here's a refresher on what a man should always remember to carry with him.



Forget the bulky thing that George Costanza had in Seinfeld and do yourself a favor by emptying it out every once in a while. For so many reasons, a man should always have his wallet on him. Oh, and carry some cash in there, too, will ya?


Most men aren't carrying around handkerchiefs anymore, but that doesn't mean that a facial tissue is off-limits. The last thing you want to be is the guy sniffling around friends—or worse, a date—and stuck wiping a runny nose with your hand or shirt sleeve.

Chap Stick

No one likes dry, crusty, cracked skin, but it's about 100 times worse when that skin happens to be the one place most people look the most, your mouth! Moisturize those puppies up with some handy chap stick—which, much like other things on this list, should remain in your pockets at all times.


There once was a time where we smoked quite often, but, even after breaking the habit, we still have a lighter handy for different occasions. If used sparingly, keeping one in the glove box of your car is perfect, but, when going out, make sure you bring it with you for those times someone asks you for a light—because it can be a great icebreaker.


You may not be getting lucky, but it's always best to come prepared just in case things go in that direction. Hell, even if you're married and it's the one night you get to go out with buddies, having a condom in your wallet is a must—how else are your buddies going to protect themselves if they go home with a woman? In that scenario, just make sure you own lady knows why it's missing from your wallet.


We don't expect you roaming around with a mini flashlight in your pockets, but we do hope that you've got one in your car in case of an emergency. Flashlights are absolute saviors, with them coming in handy should you need to check something under the hood of your car, assist someone on the side of the road with a flat tire or, worse, because you're stranded somewhere and need to walk to the nearest gas station at night.

Cell Phone

Back in the day, your dad probably carried along business cards and other forms of identification to hand out for people to remember him by. These days, it's cell phones which have replaced all that paper, being utilized to swap numbers with a pretty lady, write an email to someone important from the bar and, of course, serving as your primary source of directions. Seriously, how would we get around without navigation from our phones?

Ball Cap

No matter if you've got flowing locks or are a little thinner up top, having a ball cap handy to toss on your head is absolutely clutch. No, it won't always be appropriate—for instance, just because you're having a bad hair day and on your way to a first date, you shouldn't wear it—but it is a nice way to show that, even in a suit during a happy hour, you're unwinding and forgetting about work.

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