The Amount It Costs For Apple To Make The iPhone 7 Will Infuriate You

Image via Reuters

We already knew that people were flipping the fuck out because Apple's newest version of the iPhone, the iPhone7, didn't have a headphone jack, but now that CNN Money released a video from information from Teardown.com that shows how much it actually costs for Apple to make the thing, I've got a hunch even more people will be pissed off.

Retailing between $649-$749, depending on the model you get, here's what is the reported cost for Apple to make the iPhone7, per Teardown:

Total cost: $292. So, in theory, taking the average that it costs for an iPhone 7 ($698), Apple is making nearly $41,000 ($40,600) for every 100 sold. Craziness!

I'll admit that $292 is a hell of a lot higher than I would have ever thought it would be for Apple to make these things, but, then again, it is state-of-the-art stuff we're talking here.

While these reports give a small prediction, Apple CEO Tim Cook has openly said more than a few times that he has yet to see an accurate figure for the price it costs the company—which, it must be remembered, this $292 figure doesn't include design, software, development or transport costs. Still, Apple's making so much bank off this one product it's not even funny.

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