Want To Be On 'The Bachelor'? The Application Process May Kill You First

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We're going to keep it real with you guys, we aren't exactly the biggest Bachelor fans on the block. See, aside from some of the former contestants (read: stunners), like Corrine Olympios schooling us on dating tips, we have no interest in the show. We get the premise and all that, but frankly, it just feels a little antiquated.

There's something off-putting about a room full of beautiful, smart, talented women vying for the attention of a single man who, chances are, will end up disappointing all of them in one way or another. We hate to be glib, but, hey! That's just how we feel. That said, The Bachelor is one of the most popular reality television shows of all time. Throw a stone in a crowded bar and you'll hit 50+ fans ready and willing to talk about everything from conspiracy theories to season catchphrases.

Moreover, the show's popularity has lead to a crazy number of people wanting to actually be on the show. Some people want to be doctors, some people want to be on The Bachelor. Dreams are subjective, you know? Turns out, it might be easier to become a doctor, because The Bachelor application process is ridiculous.

Los Angeles Times staff writer Amy Kaufman’s new book titled, Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure, breaks down exactly what each prospective contestant needs to come armed with in order to make their Bachelor dreams a reality. As featured in the New York Post the list below, which we initially thought was a joke, is very, very real:

Hell, if you're willing to subject yourself to that kind of scrutiny, you deserve all the wealth, health, and happiness B-list reality television can bring you. Our only hope is that the CIA is this rigorous in their application process. We'd also like to make one final quip: it's easier to get a gun in America than it is to compete on The Bachelor. Thank you and goodnight.

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