The Best Banned Super Bowl Commercials Ever Are Full Raunchiness (But, Hey, That Sells)

Image via YouTube

The Super Bowl isn't until next Sunday, February 5th, but as we all wait for the showdown between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, one way to pass the time is laughing at some of the banned Super Bowl ads from yesteryear.

While this year's game pits the No. 1 overall offense against the No. 1 overall defense—making us think it will be a competitive contest—we still can't help but think about some of the commercials that we'll see during the game, as they always offer a little break from the pageantry of the biggest sports moment of the year.

If you're anything like us, you'll love these banned commercials, as they're chock full of sex and raunchy humor that proves the FCC are just a bunch of robots who don't like to laugh.


Sure, the Super Bowl is a time to stuff your face and belly with a bunch of junk food and beer, while sitting around and watching a game most people don't care about, but it's the commercials that help get us through when the game itself is lackluster—and previous games may have been a hell of a lot more entertaining had these ads been allowed to be shown.

Lead image via YouTube.

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