What Are The Best Online Dating Openers To Guarantee That You Score?

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We've already given you guys some pointers on how to spruce up your online dating profile, but what happens after you make a match? How do you open the conversation?

Well, popular dating site, Zoosk, has revealed what the best opening lines are to yield the best online dating results and guarantee a response!

Askmen took their findings and created a super informative and easy-to-read graphic:

Hm, alright, so based on those numbers, let me go ahead and try to whip up something real quick:

"Hey, can you believe how awful the weather has been? It's so humid and rainy! I bet those adorable glasses of yours are fogging up pretty bad. I saw a few pictures of you wearing glasses and they look great! Not to be forward, but would you like to go out tomorrow night?"

Of course you don't have to include all of the high-ranking buzz-words at once, but it's good practice to get the hang of using them here and there. Isn't the psychology of dating fascinating? Just think, you could have spent the rest of your life using, "howdy" and wondering why women are never answering you.

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