The 10 Greatest 'Seinfeld' One-Liners We All Still Use

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I remember watching Seinfeld with my parents back when I was in fourth grade in 1994 and thinking to myself, "Man, this is my kind of humor," and completely understood why, even at 10 years old, I could relate with Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer.

The pure snarkiness, wit, smugness and everything in between was what made this fearsome foursome some of the most beloved characters to ever grace television, leaving us with memories and hilariously awkward moments forever.

While Seinfeld might be best remembered for being "a show about nothing," ask anyone who watched it 20-plus years ago, or nowadays as a syndicated show, and they'll say it had some scenarios that we can all relate to.

One thing the show's legacy will forever carry with it is its abundance of one-liners, which were as quirky and random as you could imagine. So, in that same vein, we figured we'd give you the 10 best Seinfeld one-liners that we're all still using today.


So, how many of those do you actually still find yourself using? Chances are pretty good that it's a fair amount.

Who would have ever thought that Seinfeld would leave such an impact on both TV and culture? Bet that's something execs didn't see coming when Jerry Seinfeld came up with the concept nearly 30 years ago, huh?

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