The Common Stuff That's Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat Will Gross You The F*ck Out

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We told you a few months ago why it's important to never line a public toilet seat with TP—hint: it's because toilet paper is even dirtier than the seat itself—and we came across a video that has a few other things that are grosser than something you put your bare ass on.

That's right, our good friends over at FactsVerse YouTube found 10 common things that we come in contact with almost every single day that can get you sicker than a toilet seat, so you'll want to be cautious of these.


Maybe this is why no one carries cash around anymore, huh?

Forget dollar bills, though, because even things like elevator buttons and ATMs are nastier than your toilet seat—although, we've got a feeling yours has a little more piss on it than the average person, so that might change these results.

That said, use some antibacterial gel, guys, because this is all pretty gross.

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