The Creepiest Stories Men Have Had With Women Will Make You Extra Cautious The Next Time You Ask For Digits

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We all know that girls can be a bit... off. And while that's not saying every one of them is crazy, it does mean that, at times, they sure can act like they are.

And while no guy should ever, ever, under any circumstance, call a girl nuts, when you read stories like men on Reddit shared about their creepiest stories involving women, well, it will make you come really close to doing that. Resist the temptation—but be careful the next time you interact with a lady, because you don't want any of these situations happening to you.

  • "That reminds me of this girl I friend zoned. One day I get a text about how she's going to have to turn me down even though she knows I like her a lot. She told me she liked me too but would have to turn me down. Um, great? In some ways it was good because I had absolutely 0 interest in her anyways. So I tell her that's a good thing because I wasn't interested in anything but friendship anyways. Hang out with her off and on and a few months later get another message similar. She knew "I adored her", but she wasn't ready quite yet but she'd give me a chance if I asked her out maybe. Again I had to turn her down after assuring her I had no interest in her that way. Anyways, another few months pass and then I get a really lengthy private FB message from her. About how I was a total dick because I didn't think she was wealthy enough to date. She knew how much I loved her but she also knew that I didn't let myself act upon that love because she wasn't wealthy enough for me and that my love for money and prestige wouldn't let me date someone like her (even though I secretly desired her like nothing else). She berated me for my greed and told me she wouldn't let my greed harm her self esteem. So here's the kicker. I never found her attractive, physically or personality wise. I hung out with her like once a month and it was usually like dinner, many times with mutual friends. And I don't give a shit about money or prestige. I have NO idea to this day why she was so convinced I was in love with her. You would think if someone was in love with you they'd make some kind of effort in contacting you with some frequency."

  • "Weirdest was my friends girlfriend who I hugged hello after going to his/her house when they had friends over and I hear her telling her friend how amazing it felt to hug me (in a weird sexual way). And later, we had been drinking moderately, I was sitting on a couch and she sat next to me, everyone else was with 10 feet of us, including her boyfriend, and she's leaning over the couch toward me staring at my dick slowly reaching closer for it with her hands. I look at my friend like wtf? And he was just like "baby, let's go in the other room". It was pretty uncomfortable."

  • "Halfway through the first date with a friend of a friend she nearly broke down about wanting kids and how we could have kids together. I finished the date and went on my way. Then she would text me every few hours to see what I was doing and how I was. I informed her that I wasn't interested and I didn't really feel anything during the date. So that made her text me only a couple of times a week. Then she started dining at my job a few times a week always around closing so when I went to the parking lot she would be there in her car. Finally, I went to her place and just had a very long honest talk with her. I think I might have been the first person to ever do that for her in her life. She didn't get mad or upset. She listened and it seems that she's doing better nowadays. Her family was putting pressure on her about being 28 and not having kids. Even though she was a homeowner a teacher with a good job and lived debt free. All of her families value was put into having kids and big families."

  • "I was forbidden to wear white socks. Black only, and only if she bought them for me. they had to be removed as soon as we got in the house as she also didn't like me to wear socks around the house. She also didn't think it was weird/bad to flirt with other guys via text while we were dating."

  • "She asked me to euthanize my dog because he was taking up too much of "our" time."

  • "While volunteering, I had a polite and innocent conversation with a girl in college that was in for some class project (I graduated some time ago). I didn't think anything of the conversation, but about a week later, I received a page long FB message about how she didn't know I was married and how she felt like I was leading her on. It wasn't even that type of conversation and I always wear my ring."

  • "43 missed calls between 3:30am and 4:30am."

  • "My then-GF went off her meds and ascended the stairs towards me with a butcher knife in each hand, scraping them along the walls... Not too exciting. I locked myself in the bathroom while she pleaded in a baby voice to let her in and eventually she left."

  • "So, many years ago, when I was in the Navy, my ship was hitting a port down south, either Savannah, Georgia or Charleston, South Carolina. We were only there for a couple days, and I had liberty the first night and hooked up with a really nice looking southern blonde. She was just as sweet as could be, had an awesome body and was enthusiastic in the sack. After our night together she wanted to hang out again the next day. I told her I was on duty the next day and would be unable to leave the ship, and that we pulled out the following morning. She seemed kind of bummed by this, but betrayed no great emotion. The next day I get paged to the quarterdeck (where everyone boarding or leaving the ship has to pass)when I was on watch down in the engine room. I called the quarterdeck and told them I could not leave my post. The told her the same. She demanded I come up. Couldn't do it. She demanded to speak to me. She wasn't allowed, can't tie up the ship's internal phone system with personal crap. So she leaves. Later that night, she comes back. This time I'm not on watch, so I go up to the quarterdeck to see her. She pulls a butcher's knife out of her purse and chases me around the deck. Fortunately I was young and nimble so I was able to elude her. Unfortunately for her, she ran by the Petty Officer of the Watch, who was armed with an M-14 and he gave her a buttstroke to the forehead and laid her out cold. She was arrested by the local authorities, I had to give a statement to the police, and we pulled out of there the next morning and I never heard about or from her again. Crazy, but damn she was cute."

  • "I was set up on a date with this girl, and when we met she knew way too much about me in advance. Like my brothers names, why I broke off with my ex, etc. etc. It was pretty obvious she had done a lot of research (this was pre-internet - the 90's), and i was creeped out about it. I didn't go well. She kept calling me afterward, and I literally had to tell her to stop calling me. Eventually she got the hint, but it took way too long."

You can read the entire Reddit thread here, which shows that, whether single, dating or married, no man is safe—so be carful out there, guys.