The 'Facts And Chicks' Instagram Uses Hot Women To Educate Us With Random Info

Every once in a while, there comes something that's so ingenious that we're actually upset that we didn't develop the idea ourselves. Today, we found one of those things.

That's because the 'FactsAndChicks' Instagram account is loaded with a bunch of hot women with random information written on their pic that can be used to impress your friends with.

In fact, of every single Instagram account we've ever written about—which includes plenty of sexy women and near-naked ladies—this might be our new favorite, as it actually lends a little bit of a learning experience in addition to staring at stunning females.

It's almost as if we're living out our dream and actually enjoying one of our teachers drop a bunch of info on us—which, had that happened, we would've been much happier going to school everyday growing up.


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