The Fastest Method To Chill Your Beer, According To Science (Because Lukewarm Brew Is A Sin)

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Seriously though, is there anything more vile than warm beer? I'll let you rack your brain for a minute—but the answer will still be NO. I've heard that Europeans drink beer and red wine alike a bit below room temperature. When it comes to the red wine, fine, same here! But the beer? I'm going to ignore that sentiment entirely and just pray to God it's a rumor. That's gross, Europe, like really, really, gross. You should be a teensy-but ashamed of yourself. Then again, Trump is our president, so perhaps we can table the judgement for the time being.

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm very serious about cold beer and I'd venture to say lots of folks are the same! Often times, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to remember to put the beer in the fridge, but sometimes shit happens and you completely blank. Say you have guests arriving for a BBQ in 15 minutes and all you've got is a bunch of warm beers—what to do, what to do.

Well, the kind peeps over at Popular Science provided a pretty kickass solution that I know will be a game-changer this summer! Take a look—

The Salt Water Method

The process is simple:

You have no excuse now! Cold brews all around, Gents! If you're interested in learning why this method is so effective, you know, like the actual science behind it, you can read more HERE

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