The Trailer For 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Is Here (And It’s About Damn Time)

Image via Lucas Films

There’s a disturbance in the Force, but in this case it’s a very good thing as the first teaser trailer has been released for the eighth Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, undoubtedly the most anticipated film of 2017.

The film brings together Daisy Ridley (Rey), Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron), Carrie Fisher (Leia) and John Boyega, among many others. As to plot….c’mon, you know better than that. Nobody’s talking. All we have to go on is the trailer, which does precisely what a teaser is supposed to do: it teases.


While J.J. Abrams directed the last film, The Force Awakens, he’s replaced this time out by writer/director Riann Johnson, the creative force behind Bruce Willis’ time travel adventure Looper. By all accounts this installment—following in the tradition of the original trilogy’s The Empire Strikes Back—goes darker in tone than its predecessor, as the crap really hits the fan with the First Order striking back against the Resistance, while Rey is simultaneously being taught about being a Jedi by Luke Skywalker.

In speaking to our sister site, Empireonline, Johnson was asked about the first day of shooting on The Last Jedi, to which he responded, “Our first day of shooting was actually several months before principal photography began: we had three days on Skellig Michael island. So not only was it day one of Star Wars on this incredible natural location, but because the island was so inaccessible it was a very stripped-down, run-and-gun crew. Pretty much the perfect start to the whole adventure.”

On what surprised him most about directing a Star Wars film, he added, “I guess the biggest surprise was the intimacy of the process. It’s huge, sure, and it’s filled with pressures great and small. But at the end of the day, it boils down to the same things as the smaller films we’ve made: telling a story we care about with a camera and some actors. And a Wookiee.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released on December 15th.

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