The Five Biggest Mistakes A Dating Expert Said Single People Keep Making

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February is supposed to be the month for lovers, as it's prime prowling season for those single people out there who are looking for a new main squeeze. When you add in Valentine's Day, and, well, the next 28 days should be full of sexual conquests. Problem is, that's not always the case, as men and women continue to screw things up by making similar mistakes again and again.

So, what are you doing wrong? We're glad you asked, because, Dating Expert and NYC Wingwoman Cher Gopman listed her five things that single people need to change if they're really looking to spend some time with a significant other—and not alone.

Spilling Dirty Laundry

We all have a past, and, eventually, it will come out and you can tell your partner everything and anything. Until then, though, don't think for a second that the woman you've been dating for a couple months wants to know that you actually slept with one of her good friends a couple years ago—unless you're just a moron, and we know you're not.

Only Talking About Themselves

You're pretty remarkable, we know that, you know that, the person you continue to tell over and over and over knows that. But, for God's sake, slow down and talk to her for a minute to try and build a connection. You may have the best physical chemistry there is, but a long-term relationship isn't going to happen if you don't actually get to know one another.

Being Negative During A Date

You may not believe it, but women pick up on everything, noticing things like being nice to a waitress and saying "thank you" to the convenient store worker. In addition to you being nice, they'll instantly be turned off if you turn into a Sour Sally and go from happy to sad or mad in a matter of three drinks.

Being On Your Phone During A Date

This may be a no-brainer, but, guess what, people are still doing it! We feel rude talking on our phone at a Starbucks when it's busy so not to interrupt other customers, so we couldn't imagine doing it when sitting across from a pretty woman just one-on-one. Bottom line is this: Just like texting and driving, it can wait!

Being Too Pushy

According to Gopman, she calls this "Pushy Pamela," where things get a little too controlling or rushed before the other person really feels comfortable. From going home together after a solid first night to texting nonstop during the day to see when you both can see each other next, people need to understand the difference between being interested and being a bit too, uh, crazy.

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