Rejoice, Because The Formula For The Perfect Orgasm Has Been Revealed

Image via YouTube

Ann Summers, a company that prides itself on producing high-quality lingerie and sex toys, recently conducted an independent survey of more than 600 men and 1,000 women to find out the best method to achieve the perfect orgasm. Here's what they discovered:

For men, that means porn (35%), having sex in two positions—ideally doggy style (31%) and woman-on-top (21%), adding in lubricant (11%) plus a long-term partner (43%) and you’ll be struggling NOT to orgasm.

To get your lady friend hitting the high notes, swap the porn for wine (24%) combined with foreplay (24%), a vibrator (35%) and you, as a hopefully long-term partner (45%).

Things to avoid? Most men blamed too much alcohol and a quarter of women blamed stress as the main reason for stopping their orgasms. Being in a location with others nearby, interruptions from children and being too hot also appeared as reasons why you might not have a night as good as you possibly could.

Good news if you're between 26 and 35 though, with almost half of the adults claiming to be having their best sex of their lives.

So what are you waiting for?