These Live TV Fails Make Us Happy That The Camera Catches Everything

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As you guys know, one thing that we're kind of a little too obsessed with are live TV fails, which, for some reason or another, always leave us cracking up a bit too much. Seriously, we just think that when people who are supposed to be "pros" at talking on camera mess up, it's too hilarious — and certainly entertaining.

Anyway, because there's so much stuff on TV these days, some guys were smart enough — and had the time — to sift through some of the funniest live TV moments from a month earlier this year, which, as the video below shows, sure led to some awkwardly amusing things. Really, though, it doesn't matter what month these happen in, they always seem to be funny AF!

Hey, anytime you get a talented and attractive weather lady to stumble over her words, that's good television, in our opinion.

We're not here to say the news is boring or anything — but, truth be told, it can be a little depressing — so it's times like these that remind us not everything should be taken so damn seriously all the time.

In fact, we have a hunch that somewhere there are people snorting and cracking up on live TV right now that will somehow go viral because people love stuff like this. Remember that time the reporter totally ate it while she was stomping grapes and attempting to make wine while on camera? Yeah, that happened years ago and it's still one of the most amusing clips we've ever seen in our lives.

For all you people who have zero shame laughing at other people messing things up, we hope you enjoy all these live TV fails as much as we do. It's the kind of stuff that makes us laugh and spew our milk out our nostrils — and that's never a bad reaction, right?

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