The Funniest Sex Terms From A Sex Ed Website Will Make You Giggle Like A Middle-Schooler

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Remember that awkward moment in middle school when some stranger came into the classroom and started talking about sex? When the room was split into two groups and the girls went somewhere to learn about periods and all that stuff, and guys were told about erections and masturbation? Welcome to sex ed, kids.

While its been awhile since we had to sit through those classes, it's never too late to learn something new, which is why we visited SexEtc.org to see what we might need help with. Naturally, for the sake of education, we visited the sex terms page—and here are the funniest terms that we could dig up.


Slang term for a brief, fast act of intercourse.

Beating The Bishop

A slang term for male masturbation.

Chicken Head

A derogatory term for a girl that “frequently” performs oral sex on a male.

Dental Dam

A thin square of latex used to cover the vulva during oral sex or the anus during analingus to reduce the risk of spread of sexually transmitted diseases. It is called a “dental dam” because it was created for use in dental procedures.


A slang term for sex. As in, “I wanna hit that.”


Also known as pre-ejaculate, a small amount of fluid that is made in the Cowper’s gland and that comes out of the tip of the penis shortly after a boy or man gets an erection. It is designed to clean the urethra of urine and coat the walls to increase the chances of sperm surviving once they are ejaculated. Some males always have sperm in their pre-cum and others never do. Any sperm that is found in pre-cum is not likely to cause pregnancy. Pre-cum can transmit a sexually transmitted disease.

Rim Job

Contact between one person’s mouth and another person’s anus.

Shooting Blanks

A slang term for when there is no sperm in semen.


A slang term for to ejaculate.


A sexual practice where two girls or women rub their genitals together for pleasure.

Remember, kids, sex is a natural act that is shared between two people who love each other, so use protection and stay safe.

All information provided by SexEtc.org