More Gear That Every Man Should Add To His Holiday List This Year

When it comes to the holidays, being a guy can be difficult. Forget the fact that you're busy running around to different stores and trying to figure out what everyone else on your list wants, let's talk about the fact that you don't even have a clue what you want!

Don't fret, though, because thanks to our Gift Guides for this year—with gadgets and style already being published—we've got everything you need to ask for.

Today's guide focuses on gear, so take notes—or just buy these for yourselves, we won't tell anyone.

1. StrongBody Pulse Elite Gym Shirt | $72.00

Looking for a soft and breatheable workout shirt? The StrongyBody Pulse Elite is designed for performance thanks to its SBA Elite fabric, which combines polyester with chitosante.


2. Mountain Khakis Canvas Duffle Bag, Medium | $149.95

Stop looking like a teenager who just left soccer practice with that old, athletic duffle bag. That's why the Mountain Khakis Canvas Duffle Bag is the best option to replace that old one and up your travel game to what other adults do.


3. Innova Twist Inflatable Kayak | $449.95

At just 16 pounds, the Innova Twist Inflatable Kayak's the lightest, greenest, general recreation kayak on the market. And with a heavy-duty nylon bag for transporting it around, you can kayak any water you by keeping this bad boy in the trunk of your car at all times.


4. Volt Heated Fleece Gloves | $149.95

Whether in the city or in the thick woods of the backcountry, the Volt Heated Fleece Gloves are the ideal option for hand warmth. In addition to the softness and warmth that the fleece provides, the Volt heated gloves are powered by a rechargeable 7 Volt lithium battery, making these both cozy and practical.


5. Eufora Grooming/Styling Products | prices vary

Forget the grooming products that your grandpa and dad used in the past, because Eufora produces the best stuff to keep yourself looking handsome. Each product packs some serious punch thanks to the science behind it, and the scents will give you the manly smell you're always looking for.


6. Grovemade Walnut Speakers & Amp | $599

Collaborating with an industrial designer, Joey Roth, Grovemade developed a speaker and amp system that look and sound incredible. Rather than fill your mancave with those boring black speakers, the Grovemade version will pack punch and give your pad some finesse. Designed for the best acoustics, these are a must-have for any TV room.


7. Taylormade Golf TP Putter Collection | prices vary

Guys love golf, and while we can't promise that you'll ever become the next Tiger Woods, any one of these Taylormade Golf TP Putters will at least help you look and feel like a 14-time major champ. With a variety of styles and weights, these putters will remind your friends that they can drive the ball for show, putt you'll putt to take their dough.


8. Uuni 2S Wood-Fired Pizza Oven With Stone | $299

What guy doesn't enjoy making and, more importantly, eating pizza? Rather than risk burning your crust and having the cheese come out all leathery, the Uuni 2S Wood-Fired Pizza Oven will help you bake your pie the right way, just as they've done for years in Italy. With provided wood pellets, you'll feel like your Uncle Tony across the pond while slinging pies.


9. Heimplanet Motion Series Active Backpacks | $145

With a 20-liter Arc and larger 25-liter Ellipse option, the Heimplanet Motion Series Backpacks have enough storage space for everything you need while on a day or overnight hiking trip, but they're light enough to not leave you reaching for the Advil once you're finished. Both packs feature similar bells and whistles for storing all your gear.


10. Treeline Treehugger Gear + Supply Cache | $52

Designed to wrap around tree trunks of all sizes so you can keep your camping gear organized and away from the ground, the Treeline Treehugger Cache is an essential item for all you outdoorsy men out there. Minus the storage space, it folds up flat so you can easily transport it, too.


11. GoPro Camera HERO+ LCD Video Camera | $269.98

For years, you've probably told yourself that you'll finally get a GoPro. Well, another year has passed and you're still without one. Go ahead and change that this holiday, because the HERO+ is the everything you need to capture all those moments in your life. Durable and waterproof up to 40-feet, the video quality will make you think you can film Hollywood action movies.


12. ROAM ROPES Earphones | $199

They're light, durable and comfortable, but, arguably, the best part about the ROAM ROPES Earphones is the power that's packed in the buds themselves, releasing a high-quality sound for the user. With a mobile app available that allows people to personalize the listening preference, these are top-of-the-line headphones. An added bonus is that ROAM donates $100 to StandUp2Cancer with each sale, so you'll feel good each time you wear them while sweating your ass off.


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