The 'GetNakedAustralia' Instagram Account's A Sexy Way To Show Body Positivity Down Under

We told you yesterday about the health benefits of being naked in public, and, it seems as though the people on the GetNakedAustralia Instagram account has taken that info and decided to use it to their advantage.

That's because, as the name suggests, the entire account is chock full of photos of both women and men letting themselves all hang out in an effort to promote body positivity while having some fun.

And, as you might imagine, some of the pics are pretty figgin' hot—which usually happens when women lose their clothes—so it's hard not to like the GetNakedAustralia account. I mean, it's naked ladies!

With a great vision and fun, sexy, interesting pictures, we're a fan of what these people are doing from Down Under—but we may not partake in losing our clothes ourselves, just yet.


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