The Girl Who Used To Carry Around A Cutout Of Michael Jordan Everywhere Is My New Favorite Person

Image via Twitter/ireneliiao

If you were a child of the '90s and breathed, there's a good chance that you were a fan of Michael Jordan. After all, the guy was the most dominant baller on the planet, winning six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls in an eight-year span and helped revolutionize what it meant to be a superstar athlete.

While you and I dropped a bunch of money on the latest Air Jordans each year, one girl named Irene Liao took things to a level almost unheard of, because she was so obsessed with MJ that she carried around a cutout of No. 23 everywhere she went. Here's what Irene said in a recent story with Deadspin.

While attending an international school in Taipei, Taiwan, an 8-year-old Liao first became drawn to Jordan from a Gatorade commercial. “I was like, Wow this is so tight, M.J. is so cool,” Liao said. The advertisement worked, although not in its intended purpose. Liao was at the mall one day when she saw cardboard Jordan in a store. She convinced the employees to sell her the cutout for approximately 200 New Taiwan dollars (roughly $6).

The two became inseparable. Liao took Flat Michael everywhere: to the grocery store, on the escalator, and to her grandpa’s house, “where I insisted he teach me how to play piano so I could write a song to serenade cardboard M.J.”

Liao, who's now a 20-year-old college student, did what most kids do—find something she liked and never let it out of your sight. Her favorite thing happened to be a six-foot-six cutout of Michael Jordan, but, hey, no judgement here.

Although Irene's parents never saw the cutout MJ phase as much of a problem, one teacher found it "unhealthy," which, sadly, led to her throwing out the life-size Jordan. But, thanks to this story, the memory of it will never die.

H/T Bleacher Report