The Highest Paying Jobs For 2017 Have Us Wishing We Knew More About Medical Sh*t

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Considering I'm sitting at my house and watching ESPN as I work today, writing about Selena Gomez's latest thong pic and other amusing things going on in the world, I really have nothing to complain about when it comes to my career decision.

Sure, it's a little awkward explaining to people what I often write about for a living, but, I'm a guy, what better way to make a living than being a guy?

While I get paid more than I deserve for doing this job, I must say, I'm starting to envy those who chose a different career path, because LinkedIn just released its top-20 highest paying jobs for 2017 and, well, "Writer" is nowhere to be found.

What did make the cut, though? Here you go.

To determine the salaries, LinkedIn analyzed salary data from verified members, with each job title listed needing to have at least 50 salary reports from those members. After compiling the numbers, the careers site was able to find the median annual salary for each occupation.

So, if you're anything like me, you probably have a little regrets not paying closer attention in biology class growing up, because, damn, people in the medical field make a bunch of money.

Oh, well, while those people save lives and have to go into a hospital or clinic everyday, I get to sit here in my sweatpants from my couch... clearly, one of us is doing something wrong with our lives.


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