The 10 Most Attractive TV Anchors From Around The World

If there's one thing we know about live TV, it's that anything can happen. From cows biting reporter's boobs—no, seriously, that happened not too long ago—to hilariously, sexy fails, it takes a special somebody to maintain their composure when the camera is on.

And, while it may be a difficult task for you or I, these ladies aren't just good at it, but they're sexy as all hell while doing it, too!


To be on TV means you've got a talent, and you're pretty darn good at talking to and entertaining people. As someone who has done it, trust us, it's anything but simple.

Thankfully, when we're "pretending" to know what we're doing, we can turn to pros like Melissa Theuriau and Charissa Thompson, among others, who, not only deliver the news with a certain amount of class and simplicity, but do it in such a way that we actually enjoy hearing about all the crazy sh-t going on in the world.

Sure, the news can be awful—between violence, hate and other random stuff that just sucks to hear about—but we're thankful for these attractive TV anchors, because they ease the pain at least a little bit.

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