The Ideal Number Of Sexual Partners Can Be Counted On Just One Hand (According To New Study)

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Many men might like to brag about all their notches on the proverbial belt, but, unsurprisingly, women aren't too impressed with the high number of ladies a guy has previously slept with. In fact, new research further supports this claim, as women think that a mere three sexual partners is the ideal number when considering dating a man.

The research was published in the Journal of Sex Research, with most of the 188 participating individuals—104 of which were women—finding that the more partners a person previously had, the less attractive they were, with the number three being the perfect medium.

Dr. Steve Stewart-Williams, a psychologist involved in the study, had this to say about the research, per Medical Daily:

“Contrary to the idea that male promiscuity is tolerated but female promiscuity is not, both sexes expressed equal reluctance to get involved with someone with an overly extensive sexual history."

In addition to the ideal number of previous sexual partners, the research found that the men involved in the study averaged about 8.4 partners, while women in the study were at an average of about 5.81.

The study also found two significant differences when it comes to sex between the men and women participating, as the men were more willing to date a virgin and that males were far less interested in a woman’s sexual history when it comes to a fling over a serious relationship.

There are numerous factors why both men and women would prefer partners with less sexual experiences prior to dating—with fear of disease and trust issues among the tops—so one can understand why three is the magic number, even though the participants didn't even meet their own standards.

Medical Daily

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