The Insane Prices For A Beer And Hot Dog At Each NFL Stadium Will Probably Piss You Off

Image via Instagram/nflfanstyle

There was once a time where a sports fan could go to a football game and spend, I don't know, maybe $20 on beer and a couple of hot dogs. Nowadays, forget it, because concessions at NFL stadiums have soared over the past decade-plus thanks to all of these fancy new stadiums.

Thanks to the website Sports Interaction, we now know exactly how much a beer and hot dog costs for each NFL team—and it's more expensive than most of us want to know.

In addition to the higher food and drink prices, 2015 data from TeamMarketing.com showed that the average price for an NFL ticket sits at just under $86, meaning that, if you want to take your significant other to a game, the total cost of ticket, two beers and two hot dogs will set you back a whopping $196!

No thanks, I'll just eat leftover pizza, lounge around in sweats on my couch and buy NFL Sunday Ticket to get all of the games instead, because that's F'in absurd.

H/T Money Inc