The Internet Has Combined Every Single GTA Map Into One Giant Super-Map, And It's Genius

Sometimes in video games, nostalgia can be a bad thing. Sequels ruin franchises, reboots tarnish memories and year on year updates get stale.

Thankfully, Rockstar (the creators of GTA) know that sequels shouldn't come often. It took them five years to go from GTA IV to GTA V.

Rockstar are probably working on GTA VI already, and while we're pretty sure it's not going to involve sticking all the maps together to make one ginormous crime landscape of paradise, one Reddit user decided to do just that.

It's exceptionally detailed, so make sure you click on the image to have a good zoom in...

Yep, we told you it was big. If you're still not getting the scale of this thing, that's the entirity of the GTA V map in the bottom left corner of the picture there, taking up about 15% of the space. That theme extends across the map, with keen eyes noticing that Liberty City is up in the top right, Vice City is on the bottom right and San Fierro is on the top left.

It's not just bridges between the four maps either, with plenty of desert, mountains and loads of desolate areas in between. Knowing GTA, there'd be numerous ways to get across the whole thing, too. But let's be honest – you'd have to quit your job to complete it.

The only thing we don't like is the enormous lack of snow, and North Yankton is the perfect fit for that. What a playground this would be.

Images: Reddit and GTA V

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