The Internet Has Spoken To Reveal Its 10 Favorite Movies Of All-Time (According To Twitter)

Image via YouTube

Debating about one's favorite movie is a lot like arguing over what type of pizza tastes better—there are all different types, but, in the end, they all get the job done no matter how painful it is to digest.

But because the Internet loves to give their opinion—thanks, social media—people on Twitter have been using the hashtag #Fav7Films and are listing the most enjoyable flicks they've ever seen before.

While there are some terrific nominees, social media research and digital media consultancy firm Fizziology tallied up the votes and have determined the top-10 movies most mentioned using the #Fav7Films hashtag. Here are the results:

Tough to argue with some of those, but my top-10 would look a hell of a lot different. For instance, no Happy Gilmore, Ocean's 11, Cop and a Half, Scarface, Good Will Hunting...OK, I'll just stop there.

As you'd imagine, people are having a solid time listing their own favorite flicks.

This is a debate that will likely go on forever. For now, though, at least we have some idea as to what the Internet has wasted its time watching the most, so there's that.