Putting Whipped Cream In A Vacuum Chamber Has Some Pretty Explosive Results (Video)

Image via YouTube/The King of Random

Whether you're a fan of science or just straight-up oddly satisfying videos, The King of Random on YouTube is most-definitely the channel for you. Real name, Grant Thompson, dedicates his content to exploring life through all sorts of hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects. Per his bio, he humbly describes himself as a cross between MacGyver, James Bond, and the Myth-busters. If that doesn't sound like an awesome trifecta to y'all, we don't know what does.

In the video below, Grant received a request to place whipped cream in a vacuum chamber. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone actually thought that up in their brain. Frankly, we've never given vacuum chambers any thought, ever — much less putting whipped cream in one, but, hey! That's what makes the Internet such a great place.

Wasn't that freakin' awesome? Not going to lie, when he added food coloring to the whipped cream and it turned a shade of pink (as featured in the leading image) it looked a bit like a human brain in a jar. No? Just us? OK, never mind then. Regardless, the results were mesmerizing, proving that science doesn't have to be as bland as it once was back in grade school.

As mentioned in previous articles about The King of Random's YouTube page, Grant encourages viewers to actually try his "tutorials" on their own. Thankfully, he's not one of a 100 similar pages who strongly warn, "Don't try this at home, guys!" Really, what's the point of even watching then? We want to get our hands dirty too, YouTubers!

Lead Image via YouTube/The King of Random


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