The 'Kitty Hawk Flyer' Is A Badass Flying Car That'd Make Luke Skywalker Jealous

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If there were ever a time when you should pinch yourself and wonder if this is really happening, it's right F'in now, because a flying car is officially here and it's making me stoked about the fact that the "future" isn't so far away.

Introduce yourself to The Kitty Hawk Flyer, a new concept from a company with the same name from California that promises a revolutionary riding experience—and it's enough to make Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars films jealous.


As you can see, labeling the Kitty Hawk Flyer as a "car" almost feels like it's a bit of an optimistic marketing ploy. That said, we've never seen a flying car before, so who's to say that this isn't what one is supposed to look like? After all, the cars driving around on the road sure have come a long way since the first Model T hit the streets back in 1908.

The "all-electric aircraft"—the company's more appropriate description of the gadget—was designed to hover over water and doesn’t require a pilot’s license to fly.

While The Kitty Hawk Flyer is only a prototype at the moment, with backing from big-time investors like Larry Page—a co-founder of Google—, among others, it's scheduled for a consumer release by the end of 2017, which is something we'll keep an eye out for.

There aren't too many more details for us to release at this time, but the company has said that, to try and appeal to people, especially pilots, Kitty Hawk is going to offer a three-year, $100 membership, which puts those people as priority buyers on a waiting list and a $2,000 discount knocked off of the retail price.

There are challenges for sure, like FAA regulations and all of that other jazz, but, if The Kitty Hawk Flyer can convince people that this is actually a realistic travel option, who's to say it doesn't catch on and avoids just appealing to a niche market?

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