The List Of Words Deemed Too Filthy For TV Will Absolutely Make You Crack Up

Image via Shutterstock

Believe me, while I try to resist the urge to curse like a sailor in my writing to keep it "classy," I, in fact, have quite the potty mouth. But just because I know the difference between what's right and wrong to say in certain situations doesn't mean that I always follow those rules. I blame alcohol many times for that, though.

And because people on television have to be extra careful about what words they use while the cameras are running, someone posted the list of words that are deemed too dirty for TV—and they're quite hilarious to say the least.

Divided into three categories, mild, medium and strong, whoever put this list together must consider themselves a saint, because there's no way in hell I haven't heard some of these exact words used while watching my favorite show before.

Sometimes, swearing is just too fcking fun *not to do, no matter the situation.


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