The McDonald's Logo Actually Has A Pretty Hilarious Hidden Meaning (HINT: Breasts)

Image via Flickr

If you're like us, anytime you look at the Golden Arches of a McDonald's restaurant, two things probably pop into your head:

  1. 20-piece Chicken McNuggets
  2. Boobs

While you first satisfy that chicken nuggets craving that hits you, the second one is actually something that you might not be too far off on either—because there's a hidden, sexual meaning behind the McDonald's logo.

According to the author of "Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal," Eric Schlosser, McDonald's was looking into changing its iconic logo back in the 1960s, but a design consultant named Louis Cheskin argued against it because, you got it, he thought the "M" logo subliminally looked like giant boobs, per JOE.

"He argued against completely eliminating the golden arches, claiming they had a great Freudian importance in the subconscious mind of consumers. According to Cheskin, the golden arches resembled a pair of large breasts: “mother McDonald’s breasts.” It made little sense to lose the appeal of that universal, and yet somehow all-American, symbolism. The company followed Cheskin’s advice and retained the golden arches, using them to form the M in McDonald’s", Schlosser writes.

So, yeah, if you get a little tickle in your willy anytime you stare at the McDonald's Golden Arches, it might not actually be the thought of devouring those delicious nuggets, but, subconsciously, because you love boobs.


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