The Most Bizarre Sexual Requests People Said They've Ever Gotten Prove We're All Freakin' Filthy

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We're not here to judge anyone who has an inner wild child when it comes to sex — that's really not our place. However, no matter how much you like to get dirty, raunchy and freaky, we can at least laugh at some of the requests people have either given or received while getting it on.

Thankfully, the anonymous storytelling site Reddit allows us to do just that, because someone asked an open forum the simplest — and most genius — question: "What is the oddest sexual request you've gotten from your partner?"

As your filthy mind might imagine, the replies were spectacularly honest.

My goodness, guys! What in the hell are people doing in the bedroom? Apparently, more than our little minds can handle, because this is some dirty sh-t. Again, to each is own, we suppose?

If you dare, you can see the full thread over on Reddit — hopefully, not to get any ideas on how to "spice up" your own sex life.


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