The Most-Searched Sex Positions Prove We're All Just Freaks In The Sheets

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We've given you a bunch of different sex positions that will help kickstart your love life, but, let's face it, when it comes to having sex, we can never have enough information.

So, when our good friends over at AskMen said they were going to try and figure out what each state's favorite sex position is—based off of Google searches—we just had to find out.

What did the results reveal? As the headline states, how much we're all really freaks in the sheets. How else can you explain these nationwide results?

As for how each state responded, well, here's how those results broke down.

And, for all you super freaks out there in the world, here's some more info that you might find pretty amusing—like which states used sex toys and experience with BDSM the most frequently.

To see the full results, head on over to AskMen.com

As always, happy sexing, guys!

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