The Most Unattractive Things You Can Do On A First Date Were Revealed In This New Study

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First dates are never, ever easy—even if you're the most charming man on the planet and you have a natural spark with the person sitting across from you. And because these things are strange, stressful and one of the most over-thought situations of your life, the good people at iWhiteInstant ran a survey to figure out the most unattractive things a person can do on a first date.

Polling over 2,100 people, here are the top-5 results—which you should absolutely make note of for the next time you meet up with that special person.

Some of the usual suspects also made the list, such as trying to split the bill and/or treating the server like crap, but you can see the full results over at iWhiteInstant for other tips on what not to do.

H/T Esquire