More 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Coolness With New Clip And Trailer

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During the MTV Movie Awards the other day, a new clip and trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming was aired, and now Sony Pictures has released both.

Although this is the sixth Spidey film that's been released by the studio since 2002, it's the first one to actually be co-produced with Marvel Studios due to the fact that the Sony had licensed the character from Marvel Comics long before there was a Marvel Studios.


That collaboration actually began with 2016's Captain America: Civil War, which saw the character interact with The Avengers and be mentored by Robert Downey, Jr.'s Tony Stark/Iron Man. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is a hybrid of superhero film and high school drama, Peter Parker (Spidey's alter-ego, played by Tom Holland) is about 15, and the mentoring by Stark continues. That's a good thing, since Spider-Man is going to find himself going up against Michael Keaton's The Vulture.

In an interview with slashfilm, producer Amy Pascal explained how this deal between Sony, Marvel and Disney (which owns Marvel) had come together. "We made five Spider-Man movies, and we needed to do something different," she said. "And we tried doing a lot of different things. But the thing that we hadn’t done was put him in the Marvel universe, and put him in a world where there are other superheroes. Because he was always the only superhero. And there’s only so many times that you can tell the story of, 'I really want everyone to love me, and if I tell them I’m Spider-Man, they’ll love me…but I can’t tell them!' We’ve told that story as many ways as I could figure out."

One point she emphasized, mostly due to the fact that she never thought that this would happen again, is that three studios came together to ensure that this film be made properly. Noted Pascal, "No studio likes to share anything with anyone, let alone three studios. And truthfully – there is nothing cynical I can find in this statement – everybody did it because they wanted Spider-Man to be great. Truly, it was because Spider-Man is great, the character is great, and people love him. That’s good for Disney. That’s good for Marvel. And that is certainly good for Sony. So, the fact that all these companies were willing to work together to make that happen; believing that everybody needed each other in order to have that happen. I think that’s pretty miraculous."

Spider-Man: Homecoming is reaching theaters on July 5th.

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