'The O-Shot' Is A Procedure That Will Guarantee Your Lady's Satisfaction In The Bedroom

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When it comes to bedroom etiquette, unfortunately pleasing the woman isn't always on the menu. I don't this is because most men don't care, I think it's because 1) they don't know how and 2) it's not quite as simple as it is with men.

The first one can be remedied, it's merely a matter of research and practice. The second one however, may not be your fault. The complexities of the female sexual organ can be about as daunting as the complexities of the female psyche. Sometimes there's forces are beyond your control (and by sometimes, I mean more often than not).

Don't fret though, science, as usual, has come to the rescue! According to this article from the New York Post the solution to your bedroom problems is one shot away that all stemmed from the infamous 'Dracula Facial' made popular by Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West herself.

The NY Post writes—"Dr. Charles Runels, the Alabama-based surgeon behind the Dracula Facial, discovered the O-Shot on Valentine’s Day 2011, when his girlfriend – who was a big fan of the facial – asked him to inject her vagina. 'She really loved what the facial had done for her face, and I’d also been injecting her breasts. The stretch marks there were completely gone,' says the author of Anytime… For as Long as You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido & Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation.”

The idea of a shot being injected into your face that makes you bleed profusely (hence the nickname 'Dracula Facial') is frightening enough. I shudder at the idea of moving further south, BUT the results are pretty revolutionary. Here are some first-hand anecdotes—

It may seem inconsequential, but sex, especially in a marriage becomes so fragile, particularly after child birth. It's sad to see marriages torn apart because a man, no matter how hard he tries, simply can't bring his wife to home base. This shot will undoubtedly change the lives of women and men everywhere! Yay for science!

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