Kaley Cuoco Sent A Snapchat Of Her Left Boob Hanging Out (And We Love Her Even More For It)

Image via Instagram/normancook

Actress Kaley Cuoco is not only hot, but she also seems like the type of girl who would happily bring over some homemade mozzarella sticks to watch a football game and drink and tell jokes the entire time. I don't know, maybe that's just my weird fantasy with her?

And while that sounds like a hell of a good time, one thing that I could only hope it would lead to is her taking out her phone and sending bomb ass Snapchat pics and videos—like she did the other day, when she decided her boob would be a good thing to show-off.

Of course, it's a little bit of a bummer that she uses emojis to cover the skin up, but, hey, at least she's totally comfortable with her own skin. Dammit, we love Kaley Cuoco.

H/T BroBible