The Pocket Hammer: The Slingshot That Fires 350 Feet Per Second

Image via YouTube

You might be an "adult" these days—of course, we use that in the loosest way possible—but that doesn't mean that you have to be boring as hell, with nothing but a paycheck and spending said paycheck on the weekends to look forward to. In fact, we think it should be the exact opposite!

And, one way to take care of yourself is to have a few toys that allow you to channel your not-so-inner child. So go ahead and spoil yourself.

Sure, a sports car or a boat would be awesome, but, come on, who in the hell has the money for one of those lavish toys? Rather than break the bank to have some fun and show your wild side, we suggest this incredible slingshot: The Pocket Hammer.


Did you just see that? The thing is a certified ass-kicker that can sling an object 350 feet per second, leaving anything that comes in its way with quite the welt—if not worse.

Using a patented circular design and stretchable pouch, the Pocket Hammer has two to three more times the power of more traditional slingshots, making it the most badass "toy" on the market. Hell, not even things like an arrow from a bow can travel as fast as this puppy, with Outdoor Life finding that an arrow fires at about 329 feet per second.

Retailing for just $99 on their website, The Pocket Hammer might be labeled as a toy, but, be careful, because it shouldn't be used as such.

That said, if you've got some raccoons who just stop going through your garbage or just want to show how handy you can be with a slingshot, The Pocket Hammer is the greatest—and most lethal way—to do just that.

Lead image Via YouTube


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