First Pitch Hits Photog Straight In The 'Family Jewels' During Last Night's Red Sox Game (VIDEO)

Image Via Twitter/SInow

There's no love lost between The Red Soxs and I — as a Tri-state area gal, I feel it my duty to support The New York Yankees. In truth, I don't even like baseball all that much, but hey! I look cute in a Yankees hat, so that's gotta count for something. That being said, what went down during the Red Sox ceremonial first pitch is a situation that elicits my sincerest sympathies — oh, and uncontrollable laughter. Is there really anything more comical than an unsuspecting dude getting hit in the nuts? Surely not! I know as a female I shouldn't poke fun, I'm sure it's painful AF, but so is childbirth — let's just call a spade a spade, yeah? As per SB Nation

"The perpetrator here, Jordan Leandre, is known to some Sox fans as a former Dana-Farber Cancer Institute patient who sang the national anthem multiple times and ran the bases at Fenway as a child. He also made an appearance in the movie Fever Pitch as the little boy who sings the anthem. He’s already poking fun at himself, as well as offering his services to the team since Boston’s starting pitcher had a rough start to the game."

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As SB Nation said, poor Jordan is taking the whole fiasco in stride. If it were me? I'd have had a complete and total mental breakdown on the pitcher's mound. Then again, he did hit an innocent man in the testicles with a baseball — perhaps he's the dude I should be feeling most sorry for. Our deepest condolences to the innocent photographer. We hope you already you have a beautiful family, because I don't think you'll be firing off any viable shooters for a bit.

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