The Rock Explains The Meaning Behind His New Beastly Tattoo And We've Gotta Admit, It's Inspiring

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Before we get into The Rock's tattoo, let's talk about how Dwayne Johnson is a perfect example of why your parents told you to never judge a book by its cover. Sure, he looks from the outside he looks like your standard "tatted-up meathead", but on the inside? The man is one of the most down to earth dudes in Hollywood! He preaches positivity, inner-strength, and progress — how many movie stars can you say that about? Well, maybe a few, but with The Rock it feels genuine (not some persona cooked up by a PR company).

There's a reason he's been a household name since his days with the WWE and we're pleased to see that the trajectory of his career remains ever-strong. Most recently, The Rock to his Instagram to share the meaning behind his new beastly tattoo. Seriously, this thing is massive. In addition to being aesthetically magnificent, the meaning is pretty freakin' moving. We didn't tear up or anything, but yeah, we guess you could say it made us want to grab life by the balls.

First of all, over 40 hours of tattooing? That's insane. Granted, it was over a couple of sessions, but still, woof! That's gotta be painful. Then again, it's The Rock — does he even feel pain? Seriously though, his description is truly inspiring. So, in the words of Dwayne Johnson, get out there and find your mana today, OK guys?!

If you're looking to browse more kickass ink, check out The Rock's tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado.

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