This Spicy Sriracha Chicken-Chorizo Nacho Recipe Will Melt Your F'in Face

Image via Burrito Beach

If you're a guy, there's a good chance you enjoy spicy food. And because we have a feeling you're always looking for a go-to recipe to toss together for anytime you have buddies over to watch some TV, we've got you so covered you don't even know.

We talked with the good folks over at Burrito Beach to see if they'd be so willing to give us the recipe to their kick-ass, Spicy Sriracha Chicken-Chorizo Nachos, which, somehow, we convinced them to do.

Well, here's a more standard form of instructions to follow—and you'll need them, because these Burrito Beach nachos are no joke, topped with so much meat, cheese and other tasty stuff that you may have a difficult time making just one order.

Spicy Sriracha Chicken-Chorizo Nachos

Sriracha-Basil Ground Chicken, Melted Jack Cheese, Carrot-Daikon Slaw, Spicy Peanut Sauce, Black Beans and Mango

Sriracha-Basil Ground Chicken-Chorizo

Head on over to Burrito Beach's website to discover more about them.

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