The Sexiest And Unsexiest Professions On Dating Apps May Make You Consider A Career Change

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If you're a man who's a baker, cashier or TV producer, you're probably not getting too much action, because, according to the dating app Clover, those are the professions getting the least action based of analysis of 1.5 million users' matching trends.

On the contrary, if you're a man who's a doctor, psychiatrist or lawyer, well, you may not have much time in the day to actually go on dates and/or get down and dirty, but those are the careers women find most attractive—wonder if a hefty salary is one of the factors?

As for what women's jobs are attractive and unattractive to men, product managers, flight attendants and speech therapists ranks as the top-3 sexiest, while exterminators, bus drivers and chemists are lacking in the desirability department.

Here's an infographic from Clover to explain the reasoning behind the choices.

Pretty harsh and, in some cases, petty reasons, huh?

In addition to the above results, Clover discovered that women who are product managers get 68 percent more likes than average, while men also like unemployed women more than bus drivers, with those out of work ladies getting two times more likes than bus drivers.

Key findings on the male side include baristas getting two times the likes of cashiers—so always opt for making a woman coffee over taking their money—and, surprisingly, farmers getting 7 percent more likes than chefs!

Nowhere in the study could I find a Journalist as being sexy or unsexy, so I'm just going to believe I'm No. 4 on the most sexy list—or that women avoid us like the plague.

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