The 25 Sexiest Instagram Ladies To Love In May, 2017

As the calendar, once again, surprises us by going way too fast—honestly, how in the hell is it May already?—it's that time of the month again... no, not that time of the month, but the one where we get to feature some of the lovely ladies that you must follow on Instagram.

After lots of April showers, forget May flowers, because you should be excited about a new month for 25 reasons, these ladies, with each of them a reminder that the warmer months are oh so close.

But, because those mid-90s days aren't quite here yet, go ahead and allow these women to offer some heat in order to hold you over until, say, Memorial Day.

No matter what your type is—blonde, brunette, amber or otherwise—we think you'll agree that these are the women who you've got to be paying a little extra attention to. And, yes, it's totally OK to double-tap as many of their Insta pictures each day. In fact, that's expected.

So, rather than worry about what you're going to get mom for Mother's Day or where you'll spend Memorial Day weekend, let the 25 sexiest Instagram ladies in May ease your stress and remind you that everything will be awesome this month.

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