The Romantic (And Hot) Things Men Should Do This Valentine's Day (Per A Dating Expert)

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Valentine's Day is almost a month away, guys — which, if your significant other is anything like ours, you've been reminded of since New Years Eve a couple weeks ago. But, just because you know that it's the biggest "love-making" holiday of the year, doesn't mean you'll always end up getting down and dirty once the night is all said and done. That's because, shocking, it's easy to royally mess things up.

We're here to help, though, reaching out to Cher Gopman — the NYC Wingwoman and a Dating Expert — to give you some tips on how to make Valentine's Day the sexiest it can be. Thanks to these Valentine's Day tips, you now can't use the excuse of it sneaking up on you this year, so sorry for that.

FHM: For Women, What Makes Valentine's Day Such A, Ahem, Love-Making Holiday?

Cher Gopman: "Valentine’s Day is always the one day out of the year that places emphasis on the intimacy of the relationship. It’s the day you show your partner how much you love them in all ways, not just in the typical “bring your favorite coffee” or “I’ll do the dishes tonight” fashion. Couples, potential matches, and even casual romancers feel the love in the air and put it all on the line to have that fiery passion in the bedroom. Men know through our subtle hints and immense pressure from the media that they should go (somewhat) out of their way to remind us why we spend the rest of the year with them, and we do love to reciprocate that in our own special way."

FHM: If A Guy Forgets Flowers, Chocolate, Or Simply A Card, What Reaction Should He Expect From His Woman?

Cher Gopman: "Guys, you’re better than this. You know well in advance every year that Valentine’s Day is coming, whether you like it or not. We’re not asking for the moon (OK, maybe in five years!) but we expect you to make somewhat of an effort. Think about it, how would you feel if your date showed up in sweatpants, no make-up, and bedhead? The price of the gifts are irrelevant, as the cliché says, “it's the thought that counts.” But a lack of effort on either side just shows how little you care about the person dedicating their time to you. Get out to the nearest bodega and flower shop (red roses please!) or you can expect a short date but a long night."

FHM: OK, Let's Say The Man Does Remember V-Day, What's The Best Spot Without Breaking The Bank?

Cher Gopman: "Valentine's Day isn't about how much money you can spend on your woman, it’s about the thought you put into the day and the love you show her. Feasting at the fancy dining spots is for those with expensive tastes, but there are many affordable options for the rest of us. Day-time dates are usually less pricy—for example, scenic hikes, picnics, or sunset views are romantic Valentine’s Day dates that will never break the bank! Get creative at night by cooking her a romantic dinner or making a fun meal that you can both cook together! Lay out some rose petals, open a bottle of wine, and give her a nice sensual massage. Or, just pick a romantic comedy and snuggle up on the couch. There are many options and ways to spin each idea into a perfect experience."

FHM: In Your Expert Opinion, What Do You Think's The Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do For A Woman on Valentine's Day?

Cher Gopman: "The sexiest thing a man can do on Valentine's Day is show her how much he loves her by planning a romantic date for the two of them. Nothing turns on a woman more than a guy who can show his romantic side! If you're lucky enough to make it to the grand finale, show your woman that this night is different from your typical Tuesday get-it-on. Sorry, 50-cent, but this night is for putting on that slow jam and making it last. Foreplay is a must, and don’t expect to get without giving. We all want to have fireworks, but it takes two to light the spark."

FHM: Let's Get To The Nitty Gritty: If Going Out On Valentine's Day, Should Sex Always Be Expected?

Cher Gopman: "Let me get something straight: you should never expect sex from a date! It doesn’t matter how much cash you dropped for dinner or on that huge stuffed teddy bear, there is no guarantee that a date won’t flatline before the critical moment. Even wonderful Valentine’s Day dates don’t end in sex, and that doesn’t spoil the moments you share. However, sex is common on Valentine's Day because usually you celebrate with the person you care about most, and intimacy is part of that!"

FHM: For Those Single People Out There, What's The Best Way To Celebrate The Holiday (You Know, Without Just Downing Ice Cream And Drinking A Bunch Of Wine Alone)?

Cher Gopman: "There are so many single events on Valentine's Day! Get out of your comfort zone and go check one out. As a dating coach, I always encourage my clients to take a chance on love, and what better opportunity than a whole day dedicated to it. There are plenty of single people looking to find love and who knows, you could be next!"

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